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How to play piano for the first beginners – KAMATA MUSIC SCHOOL

How to play the piano for beginners.

Playing the piano for first beginners is a simple task. Indeed, working with Kamata music school will help you learn how to play the piano. The piano has 88 keys, a long history, and is famous among many celebrities. It can be challenging but also easy to learn. Anyone can start learning the piano at any age and have fun playing it.

We will take you from never touching the piano to playing your first chords and song. Also, you will learn fundamental skills, good habits, and some piano tips.


playing piano for the first beginner-Kamata music school


How to get started playing the piano

 You learn both melody and harmony, treble clef and bass clef

  • A neat thing pianists can do is play both melody and harmony.
  • Here you will gain a deeper understanding of both melody and harmony in the foreground and background of the music.
  • Knowledge of both treble and bass clef also helps. However,  tuba later and that bass clef knowledge comes in handy.


Independent music-making machine for playing the piano

  •  Pianos handle both melody and harmony. Hence you do not require someone to accompany you.
  • Also, Pianos are a pillar instrument in many ensembles, from jazz bands to church singing teams. While playing the piano, we encourage you to jam with other musicians.

 Play practically in every musical genre possible

  • It does not matter if it’s classical, jazz, blues, boogie-woogie, rock, pop, or experimental avant-garde stuff. The piano can handle them all.


Learning as an adult

  • You control what you want to learn, whether a song or a skill.
  • Being in control increases motivation because adults are self-driven.
  • Adults have lifetime experience with responsibilities and understand what it takes to learn something new.
  • Adults are busy but have initiative, making them legible for self-paced learning.
  • Most adults have had more exposure to music than children unless they never listen to music.

Features of a good piano

  1. Target get 88 keys. This is the standard number of keys on a piano.
  2. Look for touch-sensitive weighted keys. This means the piano can be played loud or soft.
  3. Try before you buy! If possible, play the piano before you buy it. See how the keys respond to you playing them hard (loud) or softly.

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