Voice Lessons


You can Sing!

The most common question we encounter as Nairobi Leading School in Voice Training is, ‘’Can I Sing?’’. And the answer is, Yes You Can sing incredibly well! You can sing very well. Your voice is beautiful if you do it right. The only reason you do not sing well is because you do not know how.  Become a master of your God given instrument – your voice. The truth is, you can sing. Better yet, with a great Voice teacher, you can sing beautifully. Just like all other skills, mastery of your Voice, Breathing, Projection, Tone, Pitch and Performance requires training and guided practice.

At Kamata School, you will learn very effective singing techniques gradually building up to an increased vocal range, a beautiful tone, rich vocals texture, great pitch accuracy, unique sound, singing confidence and awesome presence while you sing.

Kamata School Voice program has helped many of the renowned singers in Kenya develop their vocal ability, gain confidence and become Music leaders in Kenya today. We have trained singers who have gone ahead to become authorities in the field of Music. We have seen our Music Students who struggled to believe that they can sing well, develop to forming live bands and get nominations in prestigious international Music Awards. Kamata School takes pride in having our Alumni awarded in Groove Awards and AFRIMMA. Join Us Today and make your first step into becoming awesome in your singing.

Vocals / Voice lessons Program
Our Voice Lessons tutorial takes 1 Hour.
While attending 3 sessions weekly, the contemporary voice training program takes 3 months to complete. The period could vary dependent on student schedules. We also tailor lessons to suit your desired timing structure.
We offer voice class tutorials, voice students interactive sessions, group singing sessions, band practice, voice recording experience and an opportunity to sing in front of an audience to boost vocal confidence. Our voice lessons are built to mold you into a versatile, well rounded singer.
Correct use of your voice muscles and a clear understanding of Music in general will enable you to sing well in any style of your preference. We therefore encourage voice students to learn Music Instruments like the Guitar, Piano, Violin, Saxophone and Drumming. Learning a Music instrument develops your musical ear thus enhancing your singing.