Guitar Lessons


Kamata School of Music is a leading Institute in Nairobi, Kenya in Guitar training and Guitar related musicology.
Learning the Guitar requires a unique blend of creativity, discipline and harmonious interaction between the Guitar teacher and the Guitar Lessons student. Kamata School has engaged top ranking Guitar Instructors including well renowned names in the Guitar Playing and teaching field.

Our Program
Contemporary Guitar Lessons program takes 3 months to complete. Each Guitar Tutorial session takes 1 Hour. You can attend up to 3 Guitar tutorial sessions in a week. We have flexible room for persons whose engagements would not allow them to attend thrice weekly. In such regard we tailor a lesson plan that will work conveniently for you. Feel free to call us on 0722137784.

In order to fully engage the Guitar Student cognition, our lessons incorporate various Guitar learning techniques that ensure the Guitar Student is able to reach their desired skill level.

We offer Guitar Tutorials, Interactive Guitar Students sessions, Live sessions where Guitar students learn how to play along other Instrumentalists. We also create opportunities for our students to play Guitar live on stage in our Student shows.
The outlined program will develop the Guitar student to intermediate level.
You can thereafter advance your Guitar skills by enrolling for Advanced Guitar Classes program.

There are varying types of Guitars,

Acoustic Guitars
Electric Guitars
Electro-acoustic Guitars
Twelve-string Guitars
Archtop Guitars
Steel Guitars
Resonator Guitars
Bass Guitars
Double-neck Guitars

The most common type of Guitar, however, is the Acoustic Guitar, commonly referred to as the Box Guitar. There are two types of Acoustic guitars; Steel-string acoustic guitar and the classical guitar. Steel-string acoustic guitars are metallic in sound. This is a distinctive component in most popular Music Genres. These acoustic guitars are also referred to as flat tops.
Classical guitars are wider on the neck than steel guitars and come in nylon strings. They are associated with the solo classical guitar repertoire.

Guitar Playing Styles and Techniques

There are myriad styles and techniques a Guitarist can put on play. May we mention a few?

Rhythm Guitar
Slack key Guitar
Classical Guitar techniques
Down strokes picking
Guitar Solo
Flamento Guitar
Lead Guitar
Seben Guitar