A Brief Introduction to Drum Parts

The history of drums is as old as the beginning of civilization. If you look back at African traditional culture they played a central role in various ceremonies and dance rituals. In different countries, you will different varieties of drum types. In Brazil, Konga drums are popular especially in samba and marimba music. In Africa, […]

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7 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play the Guitar

It is one of the most celebrated instruments in the world. In fact some people simple buy them for decoration and hang them in the house. Guitars are not only good looking but they also sound great. And learning how to make them produce great music is something that you should seriously considering. Here are […]

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How to Become a Skilled Pianist

The piano is a great instrument to start off with when you are trying to learn your first musical instrument. It is easy to adapt to and it provides a wide range of notes to work with. Very many musical careers are built from having a great understanding of piano. One of them is music […]

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Violin Lessons children Kenya

Violin lessons

Parts of the violin….   Scroll The scroll of the violin is the very top of the instrument above the pegbox. The scroll can be identified by its characteristic curl design; however some older instruments have scrolls that were more elaborately carved with animals or figures. Tunning Pegs/Pegbox The tuning pegs and pegbox are located […]

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Voice Training

Voice Training Worth Getting Excited About Remember, all professional singers and thought leaders use coaches throughout their entire careers to advance to higher levels, creatively and professionally! Remember, your vocal chords are muscles. Muscles can be damaged from improper use, weakened by lack of exercise or strengthened by proper use and exercise. We teach you […]

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Distance learning in Music

Find your perfect music teacher to drive on your dream and passion despite your tight schedule or distance. Learning music all on your own often proves to be a frustrating process. No need to worry, we got your back. Read more

I’m very happy with classes at Kamata School


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Samawati Band

  Quality, Clarity, I’m talking about wholesome entertainment! Samawati Band has one of Nairobi’s ALL TIME BEST sound. For WEDDINGS, Parties, Corporate functions, Brand launches. Enjoy entertainment by well nurtured and professionally trained vocalists and performers, fully loaded with a DJ unit and all other effects as you may require. MAKE IT UNFORGETTABLE!! Its your occasion, it deserves […]

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Vocal tips


Powerful voices are developed through a combination of correct Breath Control, Good Posture, healthy Vocal Techniques and Practice! These building blocks will enable the singer to develop the vocal mechanism in a healthy manner.

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David major Ogola-mimi na wewe

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