Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons

Kamata School is The Best for Piano Lessons in Kenya; with Music Students from Rwanda, Nigeria, DRC, Tanzania, Uganda and other countries in Africa. We are a distinguished leader in music learning in Africa. If you join us, you will soon be playing Piano in ways you could have only dreamt of.

We are famed for our ability to help the student play the piano within a short period of time. If you want to play your favorite music on the piano, simply join us. Explore varying styles of playing the keyboard. Serve in your church, advance your skills or even start from absolute beginner in piano. Kamata School guarantees progress from the moment you sign up for our Piano Lessons. We are a distinguished music school for piano enthusiasts.



Kamata School holds a wealth of experience in Music teaching. Therefore, we have engaged professional teachers in Music. We create an avenue for you to learn how to play the piano speedily yet skillfully. You will be able to play your favorite songs. Consequently, you’ll navigate all the keys on the Piano.

We teach Classical Piano and Contemporary Piano. We carefully consider your desired goal. Moreover, we shall advise you on which style of learning best suits your desired outcome.

Contemporary Piano Lessons

If you wish to play popular music on the Piano, contemporary music suits you. This refers to songs you’ve sung in church or hit music on the radio. Most importantly, this could be your favorite music. You will learn Piano finger positions, scales, chords and fundamental music theory. Subsequently, there shall be focus on developing your listening skills. This is referred to as playing by ear.

Music composition, scales, fingering patterns, chords, and improvisation are focal to our training. You will learn chords and arpeggios. These abilities are essential for playing in African style, Gospel, R&B, Jazz, Pop and Rock. Your focus shall be practical playing and improvisation. Accomplished contemporary Piano players have breathtaking creativity. They impress whenever they play. This applies in Church, Studios, Concerts and general performances in front of an audience.

Classical Piano Lessons

Classical Piano lessons lay emphasis on sheet music. Additionally, reading skills with extensive arpeggio agility are required. In Kenya, this is commonly referred to as G-Clef learning in layman language. The level of complexity an accomplished classical pianist can read and perform music is incredible. Classical Piano learning is quite academic. It requires an in-depth understanding of musical notations. Classical Piano exams begin from Grade 1 up to Grade 8. Our examining body is ABRSM.

Classical style of learning piano requires patience. You may encounter pronounced difficulty in playing by ear and general improvisation. In Kenya, most piano playing platforms require a great deal of playing by ear. We’ve seen classical pianists read and play music pieces perfectly, but struggle to play “Happy Birthday” by improvisation – No joke.

Your goal and focus is important to us. For learners aspiring to become music teachers, classical piano is a great choice.

Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons


Piano Lessons Structure

  1. Lesson length: Each lesson lasts for 1 hour.
  2. Frequency: Classes are held 3 days in a week.
  3. Time Period: Piano lessons take 3 months to complete a semester. You may advance your skills by proceeding to another semester.
  4. Flexibility: Your classes could be slotted in the morning, afternoon or evening.
  5. Practice: You are allowed additional practice time besides attending classes.
  6. Live Band Sessions: Our students play together in a Live Band. This shall challenge you, and give you an opportunity to connect musically with other talented musicians.
  7. Graduation: We hold a Graduation Ceremony at the end of every year.

Why Should I Learn The Piano at Kamata School?

  1. Friendly Learning Environment:

    Once you join Kamata Music School, you will LOVE the people at your service. The mood in our classes, energy, and vibe will light you up. Your happiness is important to us. You will enjoy being at Kamata Music School. We are a Happy Place!


  1. Professional Piano Teachers:

    We engage university graduates and highly qualified pianists as our instructors. Our teachers are not only academically qualified but also great performers. They have established a name for themselves in music.


  1. Class Time Flexibility:

    Flexible class schedules make it possible for you to study despite your tight routines. Whether at work, school, performing family or social duties.


  1. Best Quality Content:

    We are keen on ensuring that you receive quality training. We follow well researched and tested Music concepts. Thus, we’re equipped with soft and hard books. Ultimately, quality training and learning materials helps you become the best in Music.


  1. Secure and Convenient Location:

    We are situated at a secure and central location in Nairobi CBD. This is good for everyone in Nairobi. Similarly, hostels to accommodate our students are available. The hostels are both accessible and secure.


  1. Career Opportunities:

    We present a world of opportunities to every person that desires to widen their horizon in entertainment. You will meet potential clients, employers, and friends. You need partners in your creative journey. We are focused on ensuring that your dreams to thrive as a Musician are adequately supported.


  1. Great Networks:

    You will meet people from all career fields. We have doctors, civil servants, politicians, businessmen and contractors studying with us. Everyone loves music. This could be the beginning of  friendship, business partnership, or even a relationship. Who knows? We’ve got Good People. Good People Find Great People at awesome places like Kamata Music School.

Entertainment Management

We encourage our students to earn from their gifts and talents. You could make a fortune!


Join our Entertainment Management class. You will learn how to navigate the Entertainment and Media Industry.

Welcome to The 300 Billion (Ksh) industry according to PwC Entertainment and Media Outlook report.

In partnership with Google, our Entertainment Management students undertake Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. This course is certified by Google.

We provide in-depth learning of the Entertainment Business in Kenya and The Globe.


Visit us at Queensway House near Hilton Hotel in Nairobi Kenya.

Welcome to Kamata School.

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