Piano Lessons

Piano LessonsPiano Lessons

Piano Lessons at Kamata School are famed for our ability to help the student play the piano within a short period of time. If you want to play your favorite music on the Piano, explore varying Piano styles, play the Piano or Piano keyboard in your church, advance your Piano playing skills or start from absolute beginner stage in Piano, Kamata School guarantees progress from the moment you sign up for our Piano class.
Kamata School holds a wealth of experience and we have engaged professional teachers in Piano and related Music instruments. We create for you an avenue to learn playing the Piano speedily. You will be able to play your favorite songs and develop the skills to navigate different keys on the Piano.
We teach Classical Piano and Contemporary Piano. We consider your desired goal and Piano skills development plan. We can advise you on which style of learning will best suit your desired outcome.

Classical Piano Lessons

Classical piano lessons emphasize on sheet music reading skills along with extensive scale and arpeggio studies for accurate reading and agility. In Kenya, this is commonly referred to as G-Clef learning – Layman language. The level of complexity an accomplished classical pianist can read and perform is incredible. However, one disadvantage of exclusively training in classical piano lessons is pronounced difficulty with playing by ear and general improvisation. In Kenya, especially, most Piano playing platforms require a great deal of playing by ear. We’ve seen plenty of accomplished classical pianists be able to play classical pieces perfectly but struggle to play “Happy Birthday” with chords and improvisation by ear. No joke.

Contemporary Piano Lessons

If you want to play common and popular music on the Piano, this refers to songs you hear in Church, on the Radio and most of your favorite music on record, contemporary Piano lessons suits you. You will still learn to read music as a foundation but as you advance, focus on how to play by ear, compose, arrange, and improvise. Students will also learn to read chord symbols and use chord progressions fluently so they can read simplified charts. These abilities are essential for playing in African styles, Gospel, R&B, Jazz, Pop and Rock styles. The downside to contemporary Piano learning is that it is considered musically shallow because it does not go deep in to site reading and Musical interpretations. Accomplished contemporary Piano players have breathtaking creativity and will impress whenever they play. This has great application in Church, Studios, Concerts and general performances in front of an audience. We also offer Voice Lessons