Music Production

Music Production Lessons

Our Music Production teaching program is greatly renowned. Kamata School has trained some of the biggest Music Producers in Kenya. We have graduated many Music Producers and seen them become successful in Music production in Kenya. We have also trained several Audio Producers from Nigeria, DRC and across East Africa. Music Producers write, arrange, produce, and record songs. They shape the sound of another artist’s album and create beats or songs for their own projeMusic Production Schoolcts. To become a good Music Producer, technical knowledge in Music, Production software and broad creativity is very important. We therefore require the Music Production student to acquire fundamental skills in Piano which a vital instrument in Music Production.

Creating music and sound for audio releases, film, video games or any other medium involves a unique combination of technical expertise and aesthetic sensibility. Kamata School of Music Production & Sound Design for Audio Media program offers a unique collaborative environment for music composition and sound production with an emphasis on industry-standard production technologies for the ever-expanding world of audio and visual media.

Studying Composition & Music Production at Kamata School provides a dynamic learning environment for the creation of original music. Music producers, songwriters, media composers, electronic musicians and creative performers will develop their own unique blend of creation, performance, production and professional skills, for a music career in a dynamic music industry.


  • The enrolling student ought to have knowledge of at least one music instrument. Alternatively we shall enroll them for Piano Lessons before proceeding to Music Production.
  • The entire course takes duration of 3 months.
  • Each session is an Hour and the time schedule can be tailored to suit the student pattern. Up to 4 sessions may be taken in a week.