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The best-rated school of photography in Nairobi.

The Photography Course at a Kamata School teaches you how to take charge of your camera. You will learn the skills required for photography, and you will learn how to create perfect shots in all conditions. The course also offers a variety of different photographic genres, like Nature, Weddings, Studios, Portraits and many more.

Photography class in Kenya

The Best lessons in Photography Nairobi

The training teaches you how to be a brilliant photographer. You do projects with qualified teachers and submit your projects for evaluation. After you clear the training, you will have the knowledge and skills to turn your love for photography into a career.

Photography Lessons Structure

Lessons in Photography at Kamata School is a 3-month short course. You’ll learn how to use the manual option on the camera to capture images, as well as proper lighting for both indoor and outdoor photography.

Photo Editing is a key skill that sets you apart and makes your photography stand out. Kamata School of Photography commits to polishing this skill.

We encourage our students to take the Entertainment Management course. This course teaches the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. This training will help you market your photography skills to the digital market.

Photography Class Objectives

  • Ability to prepare and organise photo shoots for individuals, events, advertising and corporate organizations.
  • Determine the qualities you want to highlight on your subject;
  • Master various professional photography equipment;
  • Explore new lighting techniques and angles;
  • Conduct preliminary visual content research.


Photographer Opportunities

There are multiple opportunities for skilled photographers. Kamata School of Photography graduates engage in:

  • Press photography (also known as news photojournalism)
  • Studio photography
  • Feature photography
  • Cast photography
  • Editorial photography
  • Commercial / Industrial photography
  • Portrait/wedding photography
  • Advertising photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Digital photography
  • Nature and Wildlife Photography
  • Forensic Photography
  • Freelancing photography work
  • Restaurant and Food Photography
  • Social Media personality photography


Take Good Photos

If you take poor photos, you’ll have a more challenging time fixing them during editing. Before taking pictures, think about how you want your photos to appear. You can adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation, but blurry photos, extremely dark photos, and photos with a bright flash are unlikely to improve.

Pictures with the phone

Today, digital photography is dominant, especially on social media. Mobile phones using Mobile Apps can capture and edit pictures.

Join Kamata School of photography and become a certified Professional Photographer.

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