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Kamata Records is the Best Music Production studio in Kenya. We have recorded some of the Greatest Hits in Kenya and our recording work has received accolades globally. We have a team of the best Audio Producers for Commercial Advertisement, Voice Over artists and Music Production geniuses. In Kenya some of the biggest and renowned names in Entertainment had begun their journey at Kamata Records. In our fold we have recorded Big Names such as Kymo and Stigah, King Kaka, Samawati Band, Seismic Rock, Kanyeki, Jemimah Thiong’o among many other remarkable artists. We are well versed in Music, we understand Music and shall deliver a great job in all genres of Music. From western styles to traditional African fusions, Niger, Bongo, Jazz, Genge to Kapuka, Kamata Records got you covered. You know who we are! Come to Kamata Studios and get your records ON! Call 0722137784

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